Smovault is primarily a movie recommendation and logging software. However it goes beyond what existing software are capable of. Smovault is innovative not only with its easy user interface, but also the smart algorithms help you by recommending movies based on your taste. Here is a brief overview of each feature of Smovault.


If you quickly need to know all the movies that you have added in your vault, this is the page you should go to. Simply click the movie poster to get more details about the movie.


There are two main options on this page. You can either type the name of a movie you are searching for, and Smovault will search it from the existing movies in your vault. The second option allows you to add new movies in your vault by linking them to a folder on your computer. This is very useful if you store movie data like posters, backdrops, etc on your computer and would like to get a quick link to that folder when you open the corresponding movie in Smovault.


This is the easiest way to add new movies to your vault. Simply type the movie name and let Smovault search matching movies from TMDb so that you can select the movie you are looking for.


This is probably the single important reason why you are using Smovault. By using smart, powerful and innovative algorithms backed by the magnificent data of TMDb, Smovault will suggest movies to you based on your taste. There is no need to worry about privacy, as Smovault only uses the data downloaded from TMDb and that too only for the movies that you have added to your vault. So, the more movies you add to your vault, the more precise the suggestion would become!

5. MyTMDb

TMDb depends on inputs from people like you within the community in order to generate movie data like rating, ranking, popularity, etc. If you have marked a movie as a favourite, or rated a movie or added a movie to your watch list on TMDb, this page will show you corresponding movies categorised appropriately.


If you need any information about Smovault or TMDb or Qt (the application development framework using which Smovault is developed), this is the page you need to go. Smovault is thankful to TMDb for providing their immensely powerful API available for public use, without which it would have been impossible to develop Smovault. Smovault is also thankful to the wonderful people who have developed and are currently developing the software development framework Qt, which makes this difficult task a very easy one.

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